Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Safe Sleep for babies

A family in my neighborhood lost their little rainbow baby from something that was 100 percent preventable. This family struggled with multiple losses before getting pregnant with their rainbow. Then just like that this little baby was taken from his family and earth too soon. I want to share a bit of their story and about safe sleep practices for all the little babies.
Their little guy went to a home daycare. The daycare worker let him sleep in his car seat and he was swaddled in the car seat. He was not buckled in his seat. The daycare worker didn't check on him for 1 1/2 hours. The door was closed and there was no monitor to listen/watch so little Shepard couldn't alert her that he was in any trouble. The daycare worker was distracted talking with a friend while he was in the other room sleeping. When she checked on him he wasn't breathing. He slid down in his seat and was suffocated. ( Positional asphyxia) You can read their whole story and learn safe sleep practices on their page.
Reading their story still brings tears to my eyes. My little guy is right around Shepard's age. Ali will share their story with you. If we all work together we can educate people on safe sleep practices for our smallest little miracles on this earth. I have already learned a lot from Ali pushing for safe sleep practices for babies. I hope that you will go to the link above and read their whole story. If you are a blogger would you share about Shepard and safe sleep practices?

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